Wednesday, 30 April, 2014 - 13:14
4 reasons to make the switch to sales automation software

There’s a growing trend for companies to introduce automation software into their business processes. When they do this, they make a conscious decision to replace inefficient manual tasks with ones that occur automatically. The term automation refers to a required process or task that occurs without any manual intervention. Automation software therefore is any software program that completes tasks which were previously performed manually through automatic means.

Wednesday, 30 April, 2014 - 10:59
How technology has changed business processes

In the 1960s, milk was delivered by a man with a horse and cart. A telephone was made of black Bakelite and had a rotary dial. Wages were paid in cash and income tax meant sticking stamps in a book. A business trip to Sydney meant going by overnight train, and if you wanted money out of another bank branch you had to transfer it there first. There were typewriters, adding machines, cash registers and paper everywhere, for everything. Business ran on manual.

The businesses that make the move, and embrace technology, will be the ones that survive and prosper, and the ones that don't will be the ones that struggle and disappear.

Wednesday, 30 April, 2014 - 10:02
Mobileezy Version 1403

Another month has passed so quickly, that we’re almost ready to release Mobileezy 1404, and only now advising you of the improvements we’ve made in the 1403 release. There is quite a list of changes, including bug fixes and enhancements made to the Mobileezy desktop and handheld applications.

Thursday, 24 April, 2014 - 11:15
Mobileezy Synchronisation

These article provides two tips to follow if you have trouble syncing your handheld devices: I am unable to sync my handheld, what should I do? The following error appears on my handheld when trying to sync, what do I do?

Wednesday, 26 March, 2014 - 13:10
MYOB Roadshow 2014

Earlier this month, the Anigo team took part in the MYOB API Roadshow. Mobileezy is one of the early implementers of the new MYOB API, and MYOB invited us and a selection of other partners to take part in the roadshow and exhibit our products.

Wednesday, 26 March, 2014 - 12:51
Microsoft drops support for Windows XP

As of 8 April 2014, Microsoft will no longer be supporting Windows XP. After 12 years of continuous support, there will be no more automatic updates and, most importantly, no more security updates provided for the operating system. If you’re still using computers that run on Windows XP, you need to be aware that without Microsoft Security Essentials updates, your computers will be more exposed to security risks and viruses. This could place your valuable business data at risk.

Wednesday, 26 March, 2014 - 12:46
Mobileezy Version 1402

February was a busy time at Anigo Systems as we produced the next version of Mobileezy - v7 1402. Our release cycle is now bedded down and we continue to find and kill software bugs, introduce new features to enhance Mobileezy, and bring better versions of the product to you.

Wednesday, 26 March, 2014 - 11:09
Mobileezy Partner Program

We are delighted to announce the launch of the new Mobileezy Partner Program! Mobileezy is proud of its longstanding and successful partnership with MYOB, Reckon, Attache and Sybiz, and their bookkeepers, accountants and certified consultants across Australia. With this in mind, we are pleased to announce our new Mobileezy Partner Program. This program is aimed at partnering with MYOB, Reckon, Attache, Sybiz and Xero bookkeepers, accountants and certified consultants to help increase awareness of Mobileezy in the market, help their clients improve their business processes by switching to automation software, and ultimtely reward them for their support.

Tuesday, 25 March, 2014 - 14:25
How to configure a portable Bluetooth printer with Windows and Android based handheld devices

Customers may come across this common issue while using Mobileezy on their handheld. Configurations for printing dockets through Mobileezy on the handhelds are similar to the configurations for Windows and Android-based handheld devices. Follow the steps provided to configure a portable Bluetooth printer on your Windows or Android-based handheld devices.

Friday, 28 February, 2014 - 14:44
Mobileezy and MYOB AccountRight Live

The last update we gave you on the Mobileezy MYOB Acccount Right Live integration was in the November 2013 issue of the Mobileezy newsletter. Since that article, MYOB released another update of the Account Right Live API allowing us to move further ahead with the Mobileezy integration to include MYOB ARL tax codes and price levels.