2016 Holiday Season Support Hours

Holiday Hours

It's been a long year and it's time to take a well deserved break. Anigo Systems will be closed to normal business for two weeks during the holiday season. The business will close at 5pm on 16th December 2016, reopening at 9am on 3rd January 2017, Eastern Daylight Savings Time.


Plenty of time to Christmas

Plenty of time until Christmas, or is there?

In fact it's less than two weeks to the start of the silly season and only another two before many businesses start taking their annual shutdown. Are you ready? There is still time for us all to get our houses in order.

Many of our customers are businesses with a strong holiday peak: ice, bottled drinks and catering to name just a few. Others find Christmas and the New Year a good time to shut down, slow down and think about next year.

Product Review: Picking

Product Review: Picking Module

The Mobileezy picking module is a great option for companies wishing to improve their picking processes. By automating pick lists and combining with barcode scanning the picking module will enhance operational workflows. It can be used for picking in the warehouse or picking in the field and is available as an optional module with any Mobileezy Enterprise system or included as standard in Mobileezy Small Business with Stock Operational workflows become:

Warehouse Picking: 

A game of football

Do you know who won the Grand Final?

Odds are, if you live in Melbourne, you know which Grand Final and who won.

The Western Bulldogs (or the Footscray Football Club as they used to be known) pulled off a fairytale ending to win their second only AFL premiership, and the first for over 60 years.

Product Review: Advanced Barcoding and UoM Module

Product Review: Advanced Barcoding and Units of Measure Module

Next in the optional module product review series is Advanced Barcoding and Units of Measure. Available as an add on to any Mobileezy Enterprise system, this module will increase the speed and efficiency of your transactions by enabling rapid barcode scanning and enhancing your ability to price items sold in random weights . Useful for anyone selling items in both single or multi-packs with differing barcodes or for those selling items sold per unit but priced by weight.

Upgrade to Version 1610

1610 version is now available for update. This version brings with it some small enhancements and bug fixes as reported by you.

Remember if there is something you want built into the software that will enhance the product - let us know - we will put it on the list!

MYOB Update

Before you upgrade: MYOB v19.13 Payroll Update

If you are using MYOB Classic and planning to implement the payroll upgrade you need to read this notice.

The new MYOB update is incompatible with current versions of Mobileezy desktop. This means if you upgrade MYOB without upgrading Mobileezy and following the steps below, you will get the following error:

Technical Tip - Synch your handheld

Technical Tip: Unable to sync from handheld

One of the most common queries we receive at the helpdesk is when people are unable to sync their handheld devices.

The first check when you are out on the road is always to make sure your internet connection is working. Open your browser and test a website like www.google.com. If you are unable to browse the internet then you are unable to sync.

How is your business doing, exactly?

So how well did your business do last year, exactly? Is there anything you need to do differently? How do you know? Do you really remember exactly what happened three or twelve months ago, or last year or the year before? This time of year, with a full year of financial results, is a good time to find out.

Don't forget to run a report!

People get so busy entering data into systems that they frequently forget about the benefits of analysing data that comes out of the system. Which is why the regular running of reports is so crucial.

Out of the box Mobileezy comes with 17 reports that can be viewed in Desktop Administrator, with an additional 6 reports available only on handhelds.

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