I have been providing bookkeeping services and business advice to my clients for a number of years. The last three years, however, have been a game changer in this industry with the introduction of affordable and amazing efficiency solutions -predominantly in the form of cloud-integration packages. For a while now, my clients have been asking me how I could help them to incorporate their ideas with new technology. I was driven to find a solution that would satisfy both their needs and my inquisitive nature. 


One of these clients was Chirpy Chook Eggs, a fresh egg-delivery business based in South Australia. Despite being a successful and productive company, Chirpy Chook Eggs was still handling its administration and sales processes manually. Invoices were handwritten at the time of sale and entered into MYOB AccountRight later in the day or sometimes several days after the sale, depending on how busy things were. Needless to say, a number of errors and problems were occurring, including:

  • Calculation errors

  • Entry errors

  • Lengthy processing time

  • Inability to work in real time

  • Unable to balance daily cash

  • Invoice books held up in the van when needed in the office

  • Unable to track stock



We looked into several products which addressed integration capabilities, user-friendliness, cost, etc and ultimately decided on Mobileezy following a demonstration of its functions. The installation was almost seamless and simpler than we expected. I looked at the add-on partners in Xero and MYOB but didn’t go into any others very seriously as Mobileezy seemed to fit them from the start.

Software Resolution: 
I looked at the various Mobileezy software options available and decided that for Chirpy Chook Eggs, Mobileezy Business Plus was the most suitable solution. Being a small company, they only needed one licence. As a result, the training and installation was easy and straightforward, and it was highly cost efficient. Mobileezy allowed my client and his other driver to produce on-the-spot invoices and manage stock and orders more effectively. 


As the bookkeeper and advisor to Chirpy Chook Eggs, I am now able to spend more time on planning for better business outcomes and I’m able to work in ‘real time’ as a result of Mobileezy.

Since installing the software in July 2014, we have resolved 99% of the above issues and the two drivers that use the system have had no problem adapting to it. Chirpy Chook Eggs owner, Andrew Leaney, is extremely happy with current operations and appreciates the valuable advice that I bring to their business. We both agree that Mobileezy has been fully supportive and reliable in both customer service and their product.

I would recommend it to other clients of mine and I do speak of it regularly as a great solution for those it suits.

Why Eagle Eye Bookkeeping Services and Chirpy Chook Eggs love Mobileezy:

  • ROI: “We have resolved so many of the previous issues we were experiencing, and in turn saved us lots of time.”

  • Time management: “I am now able to work in ‘real time’ and spend more time looking ahead for the business.”

  • Remote syncing: “Chirpy Chook Eggs can invoice on the spot and all the information is sent back to me in the office.”

  • Integration with MYOB: “It’s a simple click of the mouse each day, it’s correct and immediate.  No more lengthy delays!”

  • Stock management: “It’s much easier for Chirpy Chook Eggs to manage stock and orders accurately.”

  • Automatic sales and order processes: “All paperwork on the road has been eliminated and my job has become much more streamlined as orders are taken on the spot, processed and payments are taken immediately.”