Huon Plumbing is a small family-run business based in Huonville, Tasmania. Brian Kruse is the Manager and the plumbing business was originally started by his father. Huon Plumbing performs mainly residential plumbing work with much of its business being derived from real estate agencies. The business has three vans out on the road servicing clients and one part-time administration staff person (Brian’s mother) in the office. The company has been using Mobileezy for many years and now runs Mobileezy Business along with MYOB Account Right Live.


Initially, the company was using MYOB and filling out job sheets whilst out on the road, which resulted in a lot of paperwork. The job sheets were then entered into the computer along with line items which involved going through each line item - of which there were many! Manually inputting data into MYOB required substantial time and effort from an administrative perspective. In fact, it would take up to 15 minutes per invoice, which resulted in many hours spent performing data entry.

The core problems Huon wanted to solve were saving time, reducing errors and speeding up the invoicing processes.


Brian’s parents saw an advertisement for Mobileezy in a plumbing trade magazine about 10 years ago. Brian put forward the idea of switching to automation software to his parents and they decided to look in to it. “I spoke to my parents about trialling out Mobileezy to see how it could benefit the business, and they thought it was worth a shot.” At that time, Mobileezy was the only software program that could provide the field invoicing and integration needed for the business, which is a testament to Mobileezy’s long standing presence in the mobile sales software market. Mobileezy was also the only product on the market that integrated with MYOB at the time.

Software Resolution: 

Huon Plumbing decided to trial Mobileezy with one licence to see how the software would integrate with the business. “The software wasn’t expensive and it was worth the trial.” After the successful beginning, Huon Plumbing purchased another licence. “The software worked well and did what was said it would do, so we had no hesitations in purchasing another licence.”  With Mobileezy Business, Huon Plumbing could produce on-the-spot invoices whilst out on the road and send the data back to the office, thereby eliminating the need for manual data entry and integration with MYOB. Being a small business with only two people on the road, Mobileezy Business was the perfect solution for them and it addressed their needs for mobile invoicing and integration.


“Mobileezy is very easy to use and we picked it up quickly, and we didn’t encounter any challenges implementing the software. Everything went pretty smoothly and all the data was transferred over exactly as needed. MYOB synchronised with Mobileezy quite easily and the deployment process was simple”.

Mobileezy has been a time-saving solution for Huon Plumbing. Everything is entered correctly due to Mobileezy’s automatic streamlining of the data entry process which has eliminated errors that occurred through the manual sales process.

Now, in 2014, Huon Plumbing is still running Mobileezy. The administration workload has been cut by half, and the company has been able to hire another staff member to go out on the road to better serve their customers.

Why Huon Plumbing loves Mobileezy:

  • Reduced data entry: “We only need part-time administration now because Mobileezy has reduced the amount of data entry needed.”
  • Reduced paperwork: “The integration into our accounting system and ability to have all information on a handheld device has eliminated the need for product books and invoicing books.”
  • ROI: “We have been running Mobileezy for many years now and it has saved us a lot of time and money.”
  • Automatic sales and invoicing process: “We can invoice customers out on the road and easily send data back to the office.”
  • Sales history: “Mobileezy gives us the ability to find customer information on the go and check to see if customers’ accounts are in arrears while we’re out on the road.”
  • Mobility in the field: We work out on the road from our vans, so it is important for us to be able to synchronise wherever we are.”
  • Speeding up workflow process: “Mobileezy gave us the ability to put on an extra van on the road to serve customers more effectively.”