Lustre J is a premier wholesaler of fashion, accessories and jewellery based in Melbourne, Victoria. Positioned as one of the key players in the Australian wholesale market, the company sources handcrafted jewellery from Turkey, Seychelles, Montana USA, South Africa, and the Philippines. Arkin Kavaz, founder and managing director, started the business in 2011. Whilst small in size, the company’s reach has grown considerably since inception and supplies stock to retailers across Australia. Lustre J has been using Mobileezy since 2011, and runs Mobileezy Enterprise along with MYOB AccountRight Plus 19.


Right from the start, Kavaz refused to use paper-based invoices and manual data entry; it was time consuming and unreliable, and no the way he wanted to start a new business.

With sales reps taking orders of varying sizes and with so many different stock options, Arkin required a solution that would allow him to facilitate on-site order entries with customers. He realised that he “needed a product that would allow us to work from a handheld device. One which would provide live and accurate stock levels, immediately produce a receipt for the customer, and then synchronise all the relevant data back to the head office without double entry.”


As with many new business start-ups, there is a list of must-haves! “Coming from a background working with large IT projects, I wasn’t going to start a business that required manual data entry and paper invoicing.” After consulting with MYOB, Arkin was directed to Mobileezy as being a provider of automation software that would meet his needs.

Software Resolution: 

After initial discussions and a software demonstration with Mobileezy, Arkin decided to purchase a handheld device, a printer and the Mobileezy DOES system. This allowed them to take orders out in the field, produce customer invoices on the spot, and synchronise everything back to head office. In doing so, their stock levels were always accurate and it allowed them to effectively manage customer orders.

“When we started our search for a system to fix our problems, Mobileezy was the first product looked at. It was reasonably price and it ticked all the boxes so we did not see the need to look any further. Despite the software’s lack of payment system and ability to manage website stock, we soon realised that competitor products couldn’t fill the gaps either. The company’s personal service sealed the deal for us in the end.”

Since then, Arkin has added several additional modules to further enhance the software’s capabilities and help streamline his company’s business. 


“Mobileezy has been a great investment for us. We have eradicated double entry of data and we have live accurate stock levels readily available – both were issues we didn’t want to encounter from the get-go. Because Mobileezy integrates seamlessly with MYOB, it is quick and easy to create sales orders and we have a single system for Lustre J invoicing. All of which makes for an easier and more productive work environment!”

Why Lustre J loves Mobileezy

Reduced data entry: “We wanted to eradicate double data entry and we have done that with Mobileezy.”

Reduced paperwork: “Coming from a background working with large IT projects, I wasn’t going to start a business that required manual data and paper invoicing.”
ROI: “Mobileezy saves us 50% work effort required that would be wasted managing order entry and stock levels.”
Automatic sales and order process: “All our orders are made on our handheld devices and synced back to head office – no paper and no double entry!”
Remote syncing: “All orders and invoices are now synced directly back to MYOB AccountRight and we’re not spending valuable time entering data manually at the end of the day.”
Tracking stock: “Our stock levels are constantly accurate and information is readily available on our handhelds.”