Simply Ice is a family-owned business that has been providing packaged ice to the South Australian market operating since 2007. Since inception, the company has built up a solid reputation as a supplier of 5kg and 10kg bags of ice, as well as bulk ice, to a range of customers including the metro chemical, hospitality, and food manufacturing industries, and retail stores.


As with many small businesses, Simply Ice initially conducted sales and orders manually with a heavy reliance on paper and spreadsheets. More and more time was being spent entering the data and, if done incorrectly, additional time was later spent correcting mistakes and then updating it all into accounting system. Hours and money were being wasted, which can be crippling for a small business! In addition, keeping track of stock and being able to recall items, if there was an issue, was almost impossible.


“Whilst we were frustrated, we hadn’t considered an alternative solution until we got a call from Mobileezy asking if we’d be interested in a free demonstration. It was an easy decision as Mobileezy did everything we needed and eradicated all that we had been battling with for quite a while.” Initially there were some frustrations as Mobileezy couldn’t provide Simply Ice with a recall and traceability solution. However, that was rectified and co-founder Michael Leithboro soon had an automated software system that allowed him to track all his products, provide reports and allow a recall if necessary to meet HACCP requirements. “It was ideal for us and provided us with a smoother and more accurate way of running our business.”

Software Resolution: 

Using Mobileezy Enterprise, Simply Ice could ensure that they could invoice whilst out in the field and automatically send their data to their accounting system, MYOB AccountRight 19, thereby removing the need for manual data entry and reducing human error. The Stock Tracking Module and Item Properties Module ensured that Simply Ice could easily and accurately track and manage all their stock, especially in the case of a recall. With the ease of synchronising data back to their accounting system, all data was up-to-date and all guesswork eradicated. 


“Our business has grown over the years and whilst we have remained small in size, demand for our product has increased. With this comes the need for a system that not just relieves us of our manual input, but provides reliability in accuracy and ultimately, peace of mind. Mobileezy has done that for us. Despite initial teething problems, which were quickly rectified, we have not had any regrets moving to Mobileezy. We rarely have issues, but when we encounter a problem, the support staff are fantastic and issues are quickly resolved.”


Reduced data entry: “All manual data has been eradicated – what a pleasure!”

Reduced paperwork: “We no longer rely on paper – everything is done via our handhelds and synced straight back to the office and our accounting system.”

ROI: “Mobileezy has given us great return on investment. Accuracy alone and keeping track of stock has been immeasurable.”

Automatic sales and order process: “Everything we now do is on our handhelds…effortless really, and we can easily change customer pricing as and when we need to!”

Remote syncing: “Everything is synced directly back to MYOB and we’re no longer having to do it all again manually at the end of the day. It’s such a time saver.”

Tracking stock: “This was our most key requirement in a system and it hasn’t let us down. We’re able to track and trace and, if needed, recall a bag of ice quickly. Our stock levels are constantly accurate and information is readily available at the push of a button.”