Alison Bennett and I attended the annual MYOB Partner Connection 2013 event, which was held in Sydney on 5 and 6 September 2013. We had a booth set up so we could meet our existing MYOB partners, as well as present the latest that Mobileezy has to offer to enhance MYOB capabilities as an add on.
MYOB Partner Connection 2013 was a huge success with over 250 MYOB certified consultants attending the two-day event. We were able to spend quality time with many of the consultants and received some valuable feedback. It also provided us with the opportunity to demonstrate aspects of Mobileezy and how the software could benefit their customers in various vertical markets.
It was great to speak to some of the key members in management of MYOB and gain insight to the future trajectory of the company. We are very excited that MYOB is releasing its Live Accounts API and we look forward to our continuing partnership with MYOB. MYOB is known for hosting great events and MYOB Partner Connection 2013 was no exception. Keran McKenzie and his team did a remarkable job and we look forward to the next MYOB event.
Ash Sehgal
Business Development Manager
To find out more about Mobileezy as an add on to MYOB please contact us on +61 (3) 9548 9114 or email