It's End of Financial Year time again and you know what that means! 

Yes, aside from the pain of getting your accounts up to date, doing stocktakes, rolling over the financial year and preparing annual tax returns, it means your accounting system provider will probably send you an update.

But, it need not be a cumbersome, to-be-feared time of the year.

Mobileezy has been designed and adjusted to make sure that the approach and handling of EOFY for all our customers is smooth and simple. It just requires a little bit of forethought and preparation.

So here are three important steps for making your EOFY pain free with Mobileezy:


Export your transactions before closing off the financial year

Before closing off the financial year in your accounting system, make sure all invoices or orders from Mobileezy have been exported as you will not be able to export invoices from a previous financial year once the rollover is complete.

Check for Mobileezy updates before updating the accounting system

Before updating the accounting system check to see if there is a Mobileezy update available.  We will do testing as soon as  updates are made available and will issue an update if we pick up any problems. It is advisable to update the Mobileezy desktop prior to updating your accounting system. If you have multiple Mobileezy installations, it is important to update them all.

Check Mobileezy after updating the accounting system

Once the accounting system is updated, run the datalink and complete a couple of test transactions. We endeavour to do thorough testing but nothing can replace the checks you do.  

If you experience any issues, take a good note of them or screenshot any error messages that come up on the screen, and send us an email on