Bob runs his own business. He’s done so for the past six or so years, and it ticks over just fine. Well, fine in the sense that he is out on the road every day making deliveries and has a file full of invoices that he takes back to the office at the end of the day. At that point, his wife takes the now-dreaded file to manually enter the invoice details into their accounting system, hoping what he gives her and what she enters is correct!

Sound familiar? It probably is because this is the scenario we get from many of our new customers! So the question to you is how do you know you’re ready to sign up to automation software? To help out, we’ve identified five signs that are an indication that you’re ready for the big change:

1.   Your business is experiencing cash flow issues

Your financial records are not being kept up to date and invoices are being entered incorrectly into your accounting system. If everything you do is paper based, you often rely on memory and incorrect information. Using this method, there’s a strong possibility that invoices are missed, incorrect prices are used and incorrect payments are made leading to reams of money getting lost in the process. By having a system which automatically connects to your accounting system and can send issued invoices straight back to your office, your data will be correct and your checks and balances will be more accurate. Sometimes, trying to save money costs more in the long run!

2.   Your inventory is not up to date

You might have an amazing memory for numbers and facts, but at the end of the day, we are all human and we make mistakes. Keeping track of stock using spreadsheets, manual entry and memory is a recipe for disaster! This is most evident when a company is gearing up for a busy season and your guestimate going forward is based on last year’s spreadsheet showing what was bought and sold. Imagine your horror if you discover that either the spreadsheet was accidently deleted, altered or not properly saved? Or it’s correct, but you don’t actually know what stock you have in the warehouse and at the crucial time you discover you are short? How different would this picture be if you had a system which automatically tells you what items you sold at the same time last year, what you currently have in stock, and where it’s actually located? Suddenly, seasonal busy periods don’t become so feared and overwhelming.

3.   There aren’t enough hours in your day

You run your own business; you do all the ordering, delivering and management for it. Free time? Family time? Personal time? Sick leave? What are these luxuries you ask?  After all the deliveries and stock runs, you race back to the office and spend your evening going over the books, entering data and preparing for the next day. This doesn’t need to be the case if your software spoke directly with your accounting system, automatically prepared your run and delivery lists for the next day, and gave you a report on what needed to be delivered and ordered for each customer. Suddenly your afternoons and evening would be given back to you to enjoy life and family!

4.   Your admin person is drowning in paperwork and threatening to quit (even though you’re married to him/her)

Don’t laugh, this is real! When families work together and the pressure gets intense, the admin person is the first to say ‘I’m out!”. Make this job a lot easier with a system that allows the sales rep’s handheld and the accounting system talk to synchronise so the need for manual data is reduced.

5.   You’re considering taking on another sales rep/delivery person and need to be able to track his/her deliveries and sales

So you’ve made it this far and your business has grown or you expect growth and hire another sales rep or delivery person. That’s another set of invoices and data to hand over to admin. And we visit point 4, again! Why not have a software system that provides all sales reps/delivery people with handhelds and software that link back to head office, update the system’s information in real time and ensures accuracy and peace of mind.

Does any of this sound familiar to you? If so, Mobileezy can help you streamline your business by connecting your system to your accounting software using automated software. We have partnered with MYOB, Reckon Accounts and Xero to make sure your business can run as efficiently and effectively as possible. We want your business to grow as much as you do! Regardless of your size, there’s a Mobileezy solution for you – in fact, there’s a 30-day free trial solution for you so that you can find out how Mobileezy can make running your business simpler and more profitable!