The knee-jerk reaction when times are tough is to cut back on everything. Reduce inventory, reduce marketing spend, shed staff, delay paying suppliers, anything to save a dollar or two. Makes sense, right?

Well no, it doesn't. Of course you have to make sure your business survives but every business goes through cycles of good times and bad times. The best and strongest businesses are those that invest and plan during the down part of the cycle and come out better and stronger when things are looking up again. What they try to do is:

  • Reduce losses when the market slows
  • Recover more quickly when things turn around
  • Emerge from a downturn in a stronger competitive position.

With that in mind, here are some reasons why investing in your business, and specifically investing in business automation software like Mobileezy during the tough times might just be the smartest thing you do.

1. Spare Capacity

When business is booming everyone is too busy to install new business automation software - they just want to make sales and bank the money. During downturns, the business probably has some people who aren't as busy as usual and that's a great time for modernisation and new systems.

2. Stronger Relationships

If you have the time and opportunity to install and get used to your new software when the pressure is off, you will likely develop the best possible relationship with your supplier.

3. Get a Lead on Competitors

Tough times are affecting your customers just as much as they are affecting you, so whatever you invest then in systems and processes will give you an advantage now, and particularly so when business picks up again.

4. Reduce Staff

In most businesses, staff are the biggest cost and good software systems are the way to manage with less. Yes, there is an investment up front but over time the savings will pay for themselves easily. Perhaps when the good times return you won't need to take on staff quite as quickly.

5. Lower Prices

If times are tough for you, then chances are they're tough for your software suppliers too. You'll never get a discount if you wait until things are booming again, so doing the deal during the downturn could get you the best possible price.

6. Get Ready for the Good Times

Businesses that invest in systems and processes during the downturns consistently outperform when things start looking better. They are better prepared, with better people and better ways of doing business, and they are first in line to serve new customers as the opportunities start arriving.

So there you have it. Six good reasons to invest in new business automation software, and hopefully it will be Mobileezy. We look forward to hearing from you.