What is the difference between Export Data and the Run Datalink process?        



Export Data: 'Export Data' is the process in which the transactions synced from the handheld are transferred from the Mobileezy database to the customer accounting software. Mobileezy offers the flag option through which you can select the transaction which you want to export to your accounting software. From here, you press the Export Data button under Transactions menu page.


Run Datalink: In 'Run Datalink', the changes made to the data or transactions in the accounting system will be populated or updated in the Mobileezy data files. It’s a one-way process from your accounting system to Mobileezy. You can perform the data link from Setup and then press the Run Datalink button.


What is the difference between Full Sync & Quick Sync on the handheld?

Mobileezy provides two types of syncing methods:

Full Sync: Full Sync is a detailed sync which not only transfers the completed transaction from the handheld to the desktop, but also syncs any change made in MYOB or on the Mobileezy Desktop and that’s why it takes a little bit longer than the Quick Sync.

Note: To populate the changes made in the accounting software to the handheld, run the Datalink on Mobileezy Desktop first and then do a Full Sync on the handheld. It is highly recommended to do a Full Sync at least once a day so that all information can be updated.

Quick Sync: Quick Sync is a customised shortened form of Full Sync, which is mainly designed to transfer the invoices from the handheld to the desktop and does not populate the changes made in MYOB or Mobileezy. The Quick Sync is much quicker than the Full Sync.

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