We have been very busy working hard on some great new enhancements and we are now testing Mobileezy Version 1405 which will be released shortly. 


In this release you will find enhancements such as:

  • Basic Routing tab now supports using "Drag and Drop" on selected visit to adjust its priority (runlist module).
  • Voided stock transactions are now displayed in DOES if the profile setting AllowEditVoidedTransactions is set to true (Stock module).
  • and more which we wil tell you about in the next newsletter!


And bug fixes such as:

  • The territory event editor will  not cause an error when an event is deleted and then the tab changed (runlist module).
  • "Customer Payments Summary [Payment Type]" report now is moved to "Sales" tab.

  • Report filters will now default  the start date to the first day of the month.

  • and more!

Make sure you read our June Newsletter to find out more about the new release!