Since putting together our new Mobileezy support and development teams, we've been working hard at killing bugs and making our software more reliable. We think we've been making good progress, but Mobileezy is quite a large piece of software and parts of it don't get exercised all that often. We know there are more bugs in there somewhere, but now we need your help to find them, especially the ones that matter, so we can fix them. Permanently.

So for the next month, we would like all our customers to tell us about the bugs they know of, that they work around, that they thought would never get fixed or that are just annoying rather than really serious. You tell us about a bug, we will fix it and update your software as part of your standard support and maintenance package.

Just to be clear, a software bug is a fault that makes a program produce an incorrect result or behave the wrong way. If a program crashes, or prints incorrect information, or can't complete a business function it's been designed to do, or prints the wrong answer, then that's a bug and that's what we want to hear about.

Not all software issues are bugs. If a program runs too slowly, or has limits, or can't perform some particular business function, or seems to do things the wrong way then that probably isn't a bug. We're happy for you to tell us about that too, and we'll address those issue in due course.

The best way to notify bugs is to email

What we need from you:

  • Write a sentence about what it does wrong, for example "System crashes during datalink with error message (see attachment)" rather than "Datalink doesn't work".
  • Tell us how to reproduce the problem, step by step.
  • Your contact details so we can check with you if we have any questions.

That's all it takes. We know you're busy, but this is our effort to make the Mobileezy software better for everyone using it and anything you can do to help will be good for the software and for you in the long run.

So please help us with our War on Bugs. We're counting on you.

David Bennett

Managing Director