The New Year is a time to assess progress made during the year, what worked and what didn't, and to think about the future. As usual, our offices were closed over the Christmas and New Year period, and most of our staff were enjoying a well-earned break. Our support lines, however, stayed open for those few who needed our assistance.

It has been a year of steady progress and consolidation for Anigo Systems. Our internal systems are working well, our support is reliable and timely and our development processes are well established. The Mobileezy product is more stable and with fewer bugs that than it has ever had, and the team have been able to concentrate on new development work. Of course we continue to work on improving the service we provide to customers, and we always appreciate feedback that helps us do that.

We have completed most of the improvements we planned. We have released Mobileezy8 as a self-install product on a monthly rental model. We have completed integrations with cloud accounting software from Xero and MYOB, and Reckon is well advanced. We have updated our handheld software to include a native Android version, which includes mapping and email, and is standard in Mobileezy8. We have done a lot of work on making the software easier to install, and moved parts of the infrastructure into the cloud to avoid the need for firewall configuration. We have released an online user guide and updated it to Mobileezy8.

We are currently working on improving the quality and flexibility of invoice printing from handheld devices, and we have an advanced system for route planning at an advanced stage. We have more work to do on our cloud infrastructure.

Looking at the wider environment, there have not been the major upheavals of the best few years. Android has stabilised as the preferred platform for mobile business applications, with a wider than ever range of devices available. There is a slow but steady move to the cloud, but balanced by many businesses who want to keep control of their systems. We are confident that the decisions made for Mobileezy over the past year or two have been the right ones and are in the best interests of our customers. We intend to keep to the same course in the year to come.

As always, we have plenty to do and a great team to do it with, and as always we would very much like to hear what our customers think how we are doing and what we should be doing next. Please feel free to drop us a line any time.