There are times when you need to change the user name on your Mobileezy handheld; reinstall Mobileezy and configure it ahead of syncing. Yes, you can always call the Anigo Support team, but it's always helpful to know the basics so you can do it yourself when you're in a time-crunch! Below are some steps to guide you through the process.


1.  To change the User Name in Mobileezy on your Windows-based handheld device, you need to uninstall Mobileezy using the steps below:

  • Do a full sync on the Mobileezy handheld in order to transfer all the sales across to the Mobileezy desktop.

  • Then close Mobileezy from Mobileezy Enterprises ->File ->Exit.

  • Select Start ->Settings ->System ->Remove Programs.

  • Select Mobileezy Enterprise/Business from the list and press Remove button, and then press “Yes”.                         

  • Press the “Delete All” button, and then press “Yes” to confirm and close the Settings screen.

2.   Now you need to install Mobileezy. You can either install it from the File Explorer using the old ‘’ file or download the latest version from the file server using steps below:

  • Make sure you have access to the Internet - you can check this by browsing any website in the web browser.
  • If the Internet is working, then enter the following URL in the web browser on the handheld: .
  • Tap on “Here” to download file.
  • Tap “Yes” to save the file and “Yes” again and tap on “Install” button on the bottom of the screen and press “OK”.
  • Mobileezy will open automatically after completing the install.

3.   Now we need to configure the newly installed Mobileezy for the sync, which can be done two ways:

  • Using Access Code

On the Mobileezy Desktop go to Setup -> Users and select the handheld you want to configure on the handheld and press “Connect Handheld Device” button located on the bottom right of the screen. Then press the “Yes” button and type in the access code on the handheld shown on the pop up screen and press “OK”.

  • Manual Configuration

If you want to manually configure your Mobileezy handheld for the sync, then press the “Cancel” button on the Access code screen on the handheld. Enter the IP address of your Mobileezy server and the User Name you want to use on this handheld. You can also go to this screen from Sync ->Server Setup. After typing the server IP address in front of Add button, press “ADD” and type the user name under “User Name” tag and Press “OK” and then “Sync”.


1.   Go to Application Manager or APP Manager from your phone or tablet settings.

2.   Select Mobileezy from the list and press “Clear Data” button and then press “OK”.

3.   Now follow the instructions to manually configure Mobileezy for the sync given above.