If you are taking cash payments on the Mobileezy handheld, you will probably have sales that result in a total value with a non 5c denomination, for example $24.22; $603.67 etc. In this case you will need to configure a rounding. This is simply done through the addition of a new item in your accounting system called Rounding.

The way of setting this up is slightly different in each accounting system. Refer to the details below:

MYOB (All Versions)

  • Go to the Item List and select New
  • On the Profile tab, enter both the item number and name as Rounding. 
  • Tick the I Sell This Item Check box. Set the income account (usually other revenue).
  • On the Selling Details tab set the Tax Code and then press OK.



  • Go to Settings > Inventory items and add a new item called Rounding. 
  • Tick the I sell this item checkbox, leave the Unit Price blank and select the Account Code to post it to (commonly other revenue). 


Reckon Accounts

  • Go to Items & Services and select Item > New
  • Select Type Service. Set the Item Name/Number to Rounding and the Description to Rounding. 
  • Select the Account (commonly other revenue) and Tax code.
  • Leave the amount as 0.00


After configuring this item in your accounting system, run the Datalink and then synchronise the handheld devices.  Now that your rounding item is configured, invoices will be automatically adjusted when cash payments are taken.