People get so busy entering data into systems that they frequently forget about the benefits of analysing data that comes out of the system. Which is why the regular running of reports is so crucial.

Out of the box Mobileezy comes with 17 reports that can be viewed in Desktop Administrator, with an additional 6 reports available only on handhelds. 

The desktop reports includes:

  • Sales  (customer payments, invoices, item sales)
  • Templates
  • Time billing
  • Synchronisation reports

These can be run at any time to review information about transactions completed using the handhelds and Desktop Order Entry System. Additional reports become available when the Stock Module and Runlist Module are in use.

The 6 handheld reports can only be access from the handheld device and display data that is applicable to sales made and payments taken on that handheld.

The handheld only reports include:

  • Summary of sales made  (by value or quantity)
  • Payment taken (by value and type)
  • Reconciliation ( between the days sales, stock and payments)

Of the six available handheld reports, three are designed to be displayed on the screen (but can also be printed) and three are only available as printable reports.

For additional information on our standard reports please visit our help pages: