What is a profile and what settings does it contain?

A Profile is a set of settings which are used to control the functionality and ability of each individual handheld. It contains different settings which can be customised for the functionality of both the desktop software and the handheld as well as according to your requirements. Each handheld is assigned a profile; however it is possible to assign multiple handhelds to the same profile.

The profiles are seperated into four sections:

  • General Settings
  • Sales Types
  • Forms
  • DOES Settings


What are the functions of each setting?

Profile Settings

The Profile Settings section contains the settings which can be adjusted by enabling or disabling to customise the functionality of both the handheld and DOES (Desktop Order Entry System) depending on the role it will be used for. When you change any profile setting always close Mobileezy Desktop and run it again to get the new settings into effect.









Sales Types

The Sales Types section is where the type of sales and stock transactions can be created on the handhelds. They can be enabled or disabled and you can choose what type of sales can be created on the assigned handhelds.











The Forms section relates to a custom signature prompt, receipt header and receipt footer, when printing from docket printers. The information on these forms will be printed on the dockets in their appropriate location. The Signature Prompt will be placed on the bottom left corner, the Receipt Header will be placed at the top of the docket and Receipt Footer will be placed at the bottom of the docket.







By default, all handhelds are assigned with the Base Profile, which contains all of the default values for the Mobileezy software on the handhelds and the desktop. To create a new profile, click on the New button. Type in a name of the new user profile, then click on the OK button.


You can then assign the newly created profile to the handhelds in Setup and then Users.


General Settings

The General Settings section will be displayed according to the customers Mobileezy license and has been grouped according to the relevance of their functionality and their effects.



Allow Customer Cards - Enables the sending of customer cards from your accounting system to the handhelds.

Allow Employee Cards- Enables the sending of employee cards from your accounting system to the handhelds.

Allow New Cards - Enables the ability for the creation of new cards from the handhelds.

Allow Personal Cards - Enables the sending of personal cards from your accounting system to the handhelds.

Allow Supplier Cards - Enables the sending of supplier cards from your accounting system to the handhelds.

Show AR Balance - -Enables the ability for the handhelds to show the Accounts Receivable balance for customers on the handhelds.

Show Employee Details Enables the ability for the handhelds to show the details of the employee currently logged onto the system.



Use Consolidated Consignment Mode - Enables the use of Consolidated Consignment Mode on the handhelds. During a consignment sale, the stock amounts to be replaced at the location will be the total amount, not just the amount to be replenished.

Use Vending Consignment Mode - Enables the use of Vending consignment Mode on the handheld during a vending sale. It will enable you to track the location of individual items within a vending machine.



Allow Branch Type - Changes the types of branches that can be accessed on the handhelds.

Allow Change Login - Allows handheld users to change their current default login after transactions have been created.

Allow Create Transactions - Enables the ability for the handhelds to create new transactions.

Allow Edit Invoice Date - Enables the ability for the users of the handhelds to change the date on invoices.

Allow Edit Preferences - Enables the ability for the preferences on the handhelds to be modified.

Allow Edit Customer Cards - Enables the ability to edit the customer cards on the handheld. This change will be populated to Mobileezy Desktop and also to accounting software when you export transactions to it.

Allow Sales - Enables the ability to create sales on the handheld which can be controlled.

Handheld Inc Tax Mode - Enables the ability to use the line item price inclusive or exclusive of the sales tax on the handheld.

Lock on Print - Transactions on the handhelds cannot be modified after the transaction has been printed.

Remember Logged on User - Enables the ability to remember the logged on user after a Quick or Full Sync depending on the setting you choose. You can choose either 'Don’t Remember', 'Remember' on 'Quick Sync' or 'Remember on All syncs'.

Select Location when Creating Sale - Enables the ability to ask the user to select the location before creating a sale.

Sort Handheld Transaction Lines - Enables the ability to sort all transaction lines according to the setting.

Use Container item Returns System - Enables the ability for the item returns systems on your handhel. You need to have purchased the Container Tracking module to enable this.


Handheld Reports

Allow Reconciliation Summary Report - Allows the ability to view the Reconciliation Summary Report on the handhelds.



Allow Factory Location - Allows the ability for the 'Factory' location to be selected on the handhelds.


Point of Sale

Allow Point of Sale Mode -  Enables Point Of Sale mode on the handhelds.

Lock Transactions when Completed - Lock the ability for POS transactions to be modified after being completed.



Allow Change Customer - Enables the ability to change the customer after a transaction has line items in it.

Allow Changed Invoice Status - If this setting is set as ‘NO’, then changing the status will be disallowed with a warning message.

Allow Edit Invoice Number - Enables the ability for the invoice numbers to be modified on the handhelds.

Allow Payments while Locked - Enables to take a payment of an invoice which is already completed and locked.

Allow Price Changes - Enables the ability for the item prices to be manually changed by the users on the handhelds

Auto Add Labour - If enabled, a labour change will be automatically added whenever a user enters a transaction. The labour component will reflect the time (in hours) spent attending to a transaction.

Automatically bill to Head Office -  Enables the ability to automatically bill to the head office account by replacing the 'bill to' address with the 'head office customer' address on the handheld. This is also printed on the dockets.

Consolidate Scanner Items -  Enables the consolidation of the same line items scanned in Desktop Order Entry System (DOES) only.

Credit Hold/Limit Mode - This setting controls credit hold/limit functionality, where “Off” disables credit hold/limit settings on a computer, “Warning” gives the user the choice of ignoring the credit hold/limit and “No Exceed” will stop the salesperson create any sale. If a customer is on Credit hold/limit then 'Authentication code required' witll be displayed and the salesperson will be locked out unless an unlock code is entered which can be gained from the Mobileezy Adminstrator on the Mobileezy Desktop.

Display Cost Price - Enables the ability to view the cost prices of items on the handhelds.

Enable Bin Code Mode in Sales Item Screen - Enables the ability to add an extra option to the sales items screen, which swaps to a mode without pricing and shows the Bin Code for each item for easy warehouse location.

Enable Intelligent Scheduling - Enables the intelligent scheduling feature on the handheld.

Enable Sales Wizard - Allows you to manage creation of multiple template sales at a site and then combine the sales into a single sale before completion.

Enforce Minimum Price (Base / Cost) - Disables the ability for items on the handhelds to be sold at a price lower than the base or cost price of the item.

Require Payment - Forces a payment to be taken before a sale can be completed on the handhelds for all sales.

Require Printed Name With Signature - Forces a printed name to be taken with a signature on the handhelds.

Require Purchase Order - Forces a purchase order number to be taken before a sale can be completed on the handhelds.

Require signature - Forces only a signature to be taken before a sale can be completed on the handhelds.

Show Pricing - Show/Hide the line item prices on the handhelds.


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