Do you know who won the Grand Final?

Odds are, if you live in Melbourne, you know which Grand Final and who won.

The Western Bulldogs (or the Footscray Football Club as they used to be known) pulled off a fairytale ending to win their second only AFL premiership, and the first for over 60 years.

Now everyone is a 'doggies' supporter. You cannot go shopping, driving, clubbing or running without seeing red, white and blue banners everywhere. Yes, there was another Grand Final and another winner in another city, but not one with the kind of impact this one had on just about everyone.

A football club is many things but first and foremost it is a business, an entertainment business with club members and football fans as customers. For this club in particular the traditional fan base is ordinary working people, particularly those living in the western suburbs. The club is 139 years old, far older than most businesses, older than the motor car or the telephone, older even than mains electric power. So how did they last so long, and how did they finally win a premiership?

First and foremost, the Bulldogs understand and serve their customers, the members and fans. Players, coaches, managers and playing facilities come and go, but week after week they field a team of keen young men in superb athletic condition who fight hard to win a football match, and the customers are satisfied and come back again and again.

Secondly, they adapt and improve. The game of football now is very different from that 139 years ago; training is different; players are better paid; there is greater competition from other kinds of entertainment; and the level of professionalism needed to compete keeps going up.

And thirdly, they just keep executing as well as they know how. They may not win a premiership every year but they execute as if they will win every year. And just every now and then it all comes together for a big win, like this one.

Mobileezy is like that. We have loyal customers who we understand and work hard to serve. We adapt and improve our products. There is competition in our field too, and we have to perform better every year. Maybe one year we will win a premiership cup!?!