Mobileezy special pricing events are a powerful means of managing both customer-specific and time-based pricing for your customers. Using the special pricing event editor you can create specialised pricing for an individual customer, a group of customers or even all your customers for one of many of your product lines. Pricing events can be set to run for a set period of time, and for either a set price or a discount off the base price. This can dramatically simplify the management of customer pricing by centralising administration to a single PC and automatically updating customer pricing on the handhelds during synchronisation. 

Special pricing events are created under the Special Pricing and Discounts tab found under the Pricing icon. 

To create a new event

1.       Press the New Button

2.       Enter a name for the event and select the event type

  o    Price Event - if the event is set pricing (eg. $1.35 or $26)

  o    Percentage Discount Event - if the event is a discount off the base price (eg. 15% or 22%)

3.       Select whether the event will be applied to individual customers or a group of customers

4.       Select whether the event will be for a set date range (if a date range is set, the special price will automatically expire when the End Date is reached.









The event pictured above is a percentage discount offered to a customer group for the month of November 2014.

Once your event has been created, you can now setup the specific pricing for each of your items.

1.       Select the Customer or Customer Group from the drop down list

2.       Select the Item Number or Item Description of the product you want to add to the event (you only need to select one, the other will automatically fill)

3.       Type the discount or price in the final column

4.       Create a new row for every variation of customer, item and price that you want to add to the event.








The event pictured above shows drinks items offered to the wholesale customer group at a 10% discount. 

Customer Groups

Customer groups are a useful method for offering a set of pricing to a group of your customers. Customer groups can be easily created in the Customer Groups tab which is found under the Pricing icon.

To create a customer group, simply:

1.       Press the New button

2.       Enter the name of the group

3.       Select the customers you want to assign to the group from the window on the right (hold down the CTRL key to select multiple)

4.       Use the arrows to assign selected customers to the group











Note: Customers can be assigned to more than one group.

The picture above shows the creation of a new group called Retail Customers.

Find out more about special pricing by reading Working with Pricing in the Mobileezy Online User Guide.