Customers may come across this common issue while trying to print from their handheld. Configurations for printing dockets through Mobileezy on the handhelds are similar to the configurations for Windows and Android-based handheld devices.

Follow the below steps to configure a portable Bluetooth printer on your Windows or Android-based handheld devices.


Mobileezy setup

1. Tap on the "Mobileezy" text on the top of the screen. (Depending on the licence type, this will be either Enterprise, Business Plus or Business). Tap on "Setup" and then "Preferences". Tap on the "Basic" option.


2. Select the appropriate printer from the drop down list in "Printer Type" and "Report Printer" and then tap the "OK" button.

Unless you have two different printers for invoices and reports these two options should be the same.


For Windows-based devices

1. Tap on "Start" and then on "Settings" as shown below.


2. Tap  on "Connections" and then the "Bluetooth" icon.


3. Tap on "Add new device". Select your device, shown in the available devices list and tap "Next".


4. If there is a "Passcode" configured, enter it and then tap "Next". If there is not a "Passcode", leave the box blank and tap "Next". Tap "Yes" in the next box that pops up.


5. If the "Passcode" was blank, then tap on the "Cancel" button and then tap on "Done". Otherwise tap on "Done".


6. Tap on the newly added device and tick the "Serial Port" checkbox and then "Save".


7. Now we need to select an outgoing port. To do this, select "New Outgoing Port" from the "Com Ports" menu.

8. Select the newly added device for which you are selecting the new outgoing port and tap "Next". Select a port from the available ports in the drop down list.


9. Uncheck the "Secure Connection" option and tap "Finish". Close "Settings".

10. Now configure the serial port by using the "Serial Utility" application. This can be found under "Start", "Programs" and then tap on the "Serial Utility" icon.

11. If "RFComm" is not mapped to the com port which you have selected in step 8, then select the "RFComm:[manual]COM9" and tap "Remap" button.

12. Type the name of the com port in the "Manual entry" text box. In this case we must type "COM0", as we have selected "COM0" in step 8 and it should be mapped to the same com port. Tap on the "Change Mapping" button and then tap the "Yes" button and close "Serial Utility". To finalise, print a test page from Mobileezy.



For Android-based handhelds

To print from an Android handheld device we need to first pair the Bluetooth printer with the handheld. To do so, we must have a passcode configured on the printer as Android devices require authentication to pair.

1. Tap on the handheld “Settings” icon and turn on Bluetooth (if it is off). Tap on “Bluetooth” button and then tap on the “Scan” button to search for your printer.


2. Select your printer from the "Available devices list". It will then ask you for the PIN or Passcode. Type in the PIN and then tap on the “OK” button. The printer will then be added to the “Paired Devices” list.


3. Once the printer is paired, open Mobileezy and send a print test to the printer. Initially the printer name will be shown on the screen before executing a print; therefore, select the the newly added bluetooth printer and it will start printing.


If you require assistance from the Support team or you would like to upgrade to the Annual Support program, please contact our helpful Mobileezy support staff on +61 (0) 3 9548 9114 or email