With Spring and Summer approaching, busy times are ahead.  Preparing your Mobileezy system in advance will help your business run smoothly allowing you to focus on servicing your customers effectively.  When the system is up to date, sales staff can sell proficiently, delivery staff can deliver efficiently and warehouse staff can easily manage stock levels. Three areas to focus on improving system data in Mobileezy are:


Delivery schedules change over time as new customers appear and old customers recede or when existing customers change their needs.  If runlists are out of date it can mean under or over servicing routes .  Quiet times are perfect opportunities to review runlists and reorganise schedules with efficiency in mind.  Three tips for using the Mobileezy runlist module more effectively:

1.       Runlist by Priority report.   Running this report will show you who is scheduled to be visited when allowing you to review whether customers are organised in a sensible order, visited when you are already in the region and distributed evenly across days and handhelds.  If not, try rearranging customer onto different territories, and scheduling to different users.

2.       Customer order:  visiting your customers with the most efficient route is important.  You might be using the customer priority manager to organise the order , but if visits change regularly, keeping up to date is difficult.  Try using the google maps route optimisation on your Android device.  This will organise the best route for the days' customers directly from the handheld.

3.       Scheduling Territories:  If customers are organised in regions and you want to visit the region on a regular basis it may be simpler to schedule the whole territory instead of customers individually.  This will save time and enable you to move the schedule for multiple customers at once try investigating the Territory Event Editor.



Price changes are a part of business, particularly if you sell fast moving consumer goods.  Small increases (or decreases) in price or seasonal specials can be painful to implement especially if you have many SKU's, customer groups or complex pricing.  Three tips for painless pricing in Mobileezy are:

1.       Special Price Updater:  Use the special pricing updater to update all your special pricing and discount events at once. Using this tool price changes or discounts can be applied to customers, items or customer groups in one operation saving time in data entry.

2.       Setup pricing events in advance:  If you're planning discount events to run over the busy seasons, try setting the events up in advance.  Use customer groups and timed events to pre configure Mobileezy.  When the discount period starts, prices will automatically change only to revert once the discount period expires.

3.       Special pricing export:  Try exporting your special pricing events to ensure pricing is correct.  By exporting into excel you can review your pricing and ensure that any changes are made well in advance of the business getting busy.



Stock management is essential to business.  Knowing what stock lines you're carrying, how much you have and where it is can be the difference between profit and loss.  Quiet times are perfect for getting stock under control.   When you know what you have you also know how much to order or what product lines to push.  Try these 3 tips for getting your stock up to date:

1.       Stock take:  Use mobile stocktake on the Mobileezy handheld app to count stock directly on a handheld device.  Decreasing time allocated to data entry, data is collected and synced to the desktop application quickly and efficiently.  Stock validation in the desktop will then update your levels, producing reports that show gains or losses in monetary terms.

2.       MYOB stock integration:  If you're using inventory tracking in MYOB consider integrating your stock levels with Mobileezy.  By using the MYOB stock integration, stock levels between the two systems will stay in sync enabling stock takes and adjustments completed in Mobileezy to be exported directly to MYOB.

3.       Stock Register [By Location] report:  If you're already using Mobileezy for stock management, running this report will give you an overview of stock movements.  Showing the on hand balance at any time in any of your stock locations as well as sales and adjustments will give you an understanding of stock movements.