Many businesses are seasonal, and many of our customers have seasonal businesses. Investing for growth can be particularly hard in this kind of business.

But first, what is a seasonal business? It means one that offers a product or service that is mainly used during a certain part of the year. Many businesses operate year-round, but make most of their sales and most of their profits during their prime season. Some obvious examples include ice, tourism, lawn-mowing and tax preparation. Some retailing is very much like this too (like chocolate at Easter, or school uniforms at the start of the school year), others not so much (like food or building materials). Most businesses have at least one quiet part of the year.

During the busy season, the business needs to concentrate on things like operational efficiency, not turning away sales, prompt collection of invoices and maximising profit. The other part of the year is the best time for evaluating how the business is performing (while it's still fresh in the mind) and planning for the next big season. This is the time for investing in growth.

With that in mind, here are some reasons why investing in your business, and specifically investing in business automation software like Mobileezy, during quiet times might just make a lot of sense.

Spare Capacity

During the prime season everyone is too busy to install new business automation software - they just want to make sales and bank the money. During the off-season, the business probably has some people who aren't as busy as usual, and that is a good time for modernisation and new systems.

Stronger Relationships

If you have the time and opportunity to install and get used to your new software when the pressure is off, you will likely develop the best possible relationship with your supplier, which you can depend on when the heat is on.

Get a Lead on Competitors

The seasons affect your competitors just as much as they are affecting you, so whatever you invest in new systems and processes now will give you an advantage for the next busy season ahead.

Reduce Staff

In most businesses staff are the biggest cost, and good software systems are the way to manage with less. Yes, there is an investment up front but over time the savings will pay for themselves when the next prime season starts and you don't have to take as many staff or as quickly.

Get Ready for the Good Times

Businesses that invest in systems and processes during their quiet times consistently outperform others when things get busy again. They are better prepared, with better people and better ways of doing business, and they are first in line to serve new customers as the opportunities start arriving.

So think about it, if your business is entering a quiet time, it might be a good time to talk to us about installing Mobileezy for the next busy season. We look forward to hearing from you.