The race that stops the nation! Really? I must check on that, as I’m pretty sure there are many companies - even those who are based in Victoria (where it is actually a public holiday) - that don’t get to stop and kick back. It might even be that for some it’s a day that’s busier than usual. Wouldn’t it be nice – to a degree – if everything really did stop so we could all have a much-deserved break?

Wishful thinking? It’s not an impossible situation, depending on how you run your business. Let me illustrate two scenarios that might give you an idea of how you could be spending Melbourne Cup weekend:

Scenario 1: Small company that relies on paper

Bob and Jane run a small business and they pretty much do all the work with the help of their one sales rep who visits customers, takes written orders, issues paper invoices and then delivers stock. He then races back to the office where Bob and Jane take the large number of handwritten slips and quickly enter the data into the computer and their accounting system, so that they can get everything ready for the next day when the sales rep heads out again. By the time they are done, the day has disappeared and they are preparing for the same routine for the next day. Melbourne Cup weekend won’t be any different!

Scenario 2: Small company that has gone automated

Steve and Simone run a small business and several years back they started using automated software, which has made their lives and the life of their sales rep so much easier. As a result, this year they are taking a holiday over the Melbourne Cup weekend as the sales rep uses a handheld that syncs everything (including orders and invoices) back to head office. All three know that everything will run smoothly whilst Steve and Simone take a break. Orders will be taken, invoices issued, stock updated and everything synced back to their accounting system…all at the touch of a button. Now that’s more like it…I know which scenario I’d prefer!

So, looking at your business, do you wish you were Steve and Simone? You’re not alone in that thought! Some companies caught on to automated software a while back, so whilst orders may increase on and around the Melbourne Cup weekend, they DO get to slow down in some respects. But the reality is such that many small businesses are still caught up in the paper trap whereby they deal with paper invoices, paper orders, paper inventory spreadsheets on a daily basis. For those businesses, the break or holiday that accompanies the race that stops the nation doesn’t apply! For others, irrespective of what’s going around the country – horse races, footy parades, festivals, labour days, etc – their business continue to operate seamlessly with little effort!

Go on, give automated software a go…you’ll not look back! Give Mobileezy a call on +61 3 9548 9114 and get the ball rolling. We’ll even give you a 30-day free trial to make it even easier.