Tired of waiting around to the end of the day for sales reps to synchronise just so you can press a couple of buttons?  Do you wish Mobileezy would export invoices and run the datalink without your intervention?  Or do you want the systems to synchronise automatically throughout the day?


If so, the new Datalink Scheduler may be what you need.  The Datalink Scheduler is a software licence that enables you to define a schedule for  automation of the accounting system connection.  This means Mobileezy will run the datalink and/or export transactions automatically at the times you define.


With a very flexible scheduling system, the scheduler enables you to set a separate frequency for both the datalink and the transaction export.  You can set it to run once a day at a specified time or multiple times throughout the day.  You can even define which days of the week you want the schedule to run.  Transactions will export and the datalink will run while you are focussing on other things!


The datalink scheduler is a simple but effective way to automate synchronisation between Mobileezy and the accounting system and priced cost effectivly at $26.50 per month for Mobileezy 8 subscribers or outright for $795 for Mobileezy v7 users. Every purchase of the datalink scheduler includes assistance with configuration.