Mobileezy stock now fully integrated with MYOB inventory!
If you are a MYOB Account Right Premier or Enterprise user and you use MYOB to track your inventory, this news may be music to your ears!
The Mobileezy stock module now fully integrates with MYOB inventory and is available in the Mobileezy Enterprise v7 1307 release.

With Mobileezy you can now:

  • Do your stocktakes and export the transactions directly to MYOB
  • Import multiple stock locations from MYOB to Mobileezy (MYOB Enterprise only)
  • Move stock between locations in Mobileezy and export the adjustments to MYOB
  • Keep stock levels in Mobileezy and MYOB in sync.

With the Mobileezy integrated stock module, stock levels will decrease in MYOB when sales are made in Mobileezy and increase in Mobileezy when goods are received into MYOB! Your sales force will always know exactly what stock is available for sale.

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