Version 1.0 Available Now!

You asked for it, we listened and now we have delivered!  The first version of the Mobileezy User Guide is available now for you to access online from the Mobileezy website.


The user guide is designed for all users, from the new to the intermediate and even our long term advanced users.  Complete with installation instructions, compatibility guides and day to day work instructions it is designed to get new users up and running quickly whilst also providing a comprehensive overview of the system.


The range of topics is diverse, from making Sales on the Handheld; to Managing Users and Profiles and Working with the Datalink.    Detailed descriptions of every datalink setting and profile setting are included for those who wish to test the boundaries of the system.  If you don't know where to start - the best place is at the beginning - you will find that here.


We have done our best to produce a guide that is useful to you, but are always interested in suggestions or feedback on how we can make it better.  


After all - it's there for you!


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