When speaking to you about how about we can improve the ease of use of Mobileezy, many of you have asked for a User Guide to help you implement Mobileezy and get the best from the software for your business. We have listened to your requests and are soon to release an on demand, online User Guide, which we hope you will benefit from. 

We hope that the User Guide will be your go-to guide and you will refer to it when you need assistance using Mobileezy. With the User Guide we are aiming to educate Mobileeezy users about the product's features while teaching users how to use those features effectively.

We have worked hard to cover all areas of the software that we think are important - but we would like to give you a manual that is useful to you, so we invite you to send in your suggestions to us about what you think should be covered.

What do you want to see in the Mobileezy User Guide?

Send through your submissions to us at news@anigo.com.au.