We've worked hard on killing bugs over the last 2 months that our development team have finally had an opportunity to add some of the enhancements you've requested. 

Mobileezy Version 1309Below are some of the improvements we've made in the Mobileezy Enterprise v1309 release:

  • Email invoices directly from the Mobileezy Desktop
  • Extra information in Runist Module schedules in the Territory Activity Event Editor
  • All search fields in the Mobileezy Desktop now have auto complete
  • Runlist by Priority Report now sorts by territory and then priority
  • Phone number field added to DOES
  • Improved visual appearance of Mobileezy on Android devices
  • Support for tax inclusive mode added to DOES

If you have any ideas for other enhancements, please get in touch with us at support@anigo.com.au to log your requests.