Another month has passed so quickly, that we’re almost ready to release Mobileezy 1404, and only now advising you of the improvements we’ve made in the 1403 release. There is quite a list of changes, including bug fixes and enhancements made to the Mobileezy desktop and handheld applications.

Enhancements to Mobileezy Desktop:

  • The MYOB AccountRight Live datalink has been enhanced to now support:
    • export of purchase orders
    • import of jobs
    • import of barcodes
    • creation of customer groups
    • export of stock adjustments


  • The Head Office tab now has a company name search box, enabling you to search for and find a specific company name.


  • The Territory tab now has a company name search box under the Customer Territory tab and an Item Code search box under the Item Territory tab. This allows you to easily find a customer within a territory or item code within an item territory.


Enhancements to Mobileezy on the handheld:

  • A warning will now be displayed if a new card entered duplicates an existing customer card.
  • The ability to connect to separate installations of Mobileezy from a single handheld has been reintroduced.


  • When using Android, the handheld will now recognise the type of field and accordingly display the appropriate keyboard, ie a numerical keyboard for a numerical field and an alpha keyboard for an alpha field.


Bug fixes in Mobileezy Desktop and DOES:

  • Non-Ascii characters can now be exported to Reckon Accounts.
  • The bug where occasional transactions that failed to export and not appear in the unreconciled transaction tab has been fixed.
  • WET/WEG tax amounts will now export to MYOB correctly.
  • The wizard reports will now default to using first day of current month as the start date and the current date as the end date.
  • Runlist reports can now be displayed without needing to brows basic routing first.
  • Customer cards created in Mobileezy on a handheld will now export to Xero correctly.
  • Activity slips created on the handheld are now displayed on the Mobileezy desktop.
  • New Templates will now only be created in DOES if the customer does not have an existing template and the system setting 'allow multiple templates' is set to true.
  • The User Assign to field will no longer be available for stock transactions in DOES.


Bug fixes in Mobileezy on the handheld:

  • The handheld no longer freezes when saving a customer card on an Android device.
  • When Mobileezy is closed on the handheld, the status of the currently edited transaction will no longer change from Done to WIP.
  • The cancel button on the invoice payment screen now cancels the currently applied payment.
  • The currently selected quantity will now be shown in the middle of the drop-down list.

Mobileezy’s 1403 release is now available to all customers with a current Mobileezy support plan.  If you would like to update to the latest version, simply contact us at Mobileezy support at or +61 03 9548 9114 and we will guide you through the process.