Wow! This release is a big one - it was a long time in coming, and the release ended up happening mid-way through July: but we made it!

So, what's in it? 

New Features:

Both datalink and transaction exports can now run on a schedule (eg every hour from 9am until 6pm). This functionality is controlled by the corresponding licence feature “Datalink Scheduling”.



  • Fixed export of tax-inclusive invoices for the MYOB AccountRightLive datalink.
  • Added the ability to specify the sale type template to use for each transaction type during export from Mobileezy in the Reckon Accounts Datalink.
  • Improved the performance of transactions export for Reckon Accounts and MYOB classic datalinks.
  • For Reckon Accounts, Mobileezy no longer needs access rights to employees during transactions export.
  • Added calculation of customers’ aged receivables for the MYOB AccountRightLive and Xero datalinks.
  • Added default tax code mapping for Xero datalink (map long Xero codes to 3-characters for use in Mobileezy).
  • If an invoice or bill is already fully paid in the Reckon Accounts company file, Mobileezy will not export the related payment.

DOES & Mobileezy Desktop:

  • Batch update of the “To Location” of a stock adjustment is now supported in DOES.
  • Item code and description are now both displayed on the item property assignment screen (in Item Property module).



  • Buttons on the handheld screen no longer overlap when the “Advanced Pick Mode” is turned on.
  • Added support for negative decimal fractional values in item splits.
  • Altered error message on handheld to prompt the user to try an alternative sync server if it failed connecting to the current one.

Bug Fixes:


  • MYOB price level A will always be imported correctly and never as 0.00.
  • MYOB datalink will always display the actual error message in the unreconciled errors tab.
  • MYOB Account Right Live datalink will now ignore trailing spaces in the comments field of the invoice.
  • MYOB Account Right Live datalink will now correctly display customer type as cash or account.
  • Reckon Accounts datalink will now correctly import the company information.
  • MYOB Account Right Live datalink will now correctly export payments.


  • Activity slip report title will now display “Activity Slip” instead of “Illegal”.
  • Fixed issue with run list reports displaying exported transactions as missed visits.
  • Improved sync speed when processing empty transactions without lines.
  • Fixed issue with system crashing when down arrow is clicked in Special Pricing & Discounts.


  • Transactions with a partial payment on them will now be locked from the addition of further payments.
  • Improved the precision of calculating tax exclusive prices in Mobileezy when tax inclusive pricing is used in the accounting system.
  • Fixed an issue when taking cash payments on the handheld. Previously the system was not rounding to the nearest .5 cents
  • Fixed the issue where POS sales could not be opened.
  • When entering a quantity on an item split, the numeric keypad will no longer say “calculator”.


  • The sales type filter is now working correctly when the status filter is set to “All Trans”. We have fixed the filter in the transaction screen so that after a transaction is voided by the context menu, and if the current status filter is set to “Completed Trans”, the transaction will no longer be listed.
  • DOES will now display updated location details for stock adjustment transactions after the destination (to) location is changed.



  • Company address information now displays correctly on the invoice replication report for customers with long addresses.
  • Run List by Priority report now shows the ShipTo address by default and the BillTo address if the ShipTo is empty.
  • Error on loading schedule in the "Territory Non-Activity event editor" has been fixed.
  • Routes for deleted territories will no longer be listed.