November was a busy month at Anigo Systems as we finalised all the changes to release in Mobileezy version 1411. This is now available for download to all customers with a current support plan. A summary of the alterations is listed below:





New Features

  • Printing directly to HP printers from Android devices is now supported
  • Locations on the runlist will be displayed on a Google map when 'show' is selected from the runlist menu on Android devices (experimental feature)








  • Time billing invoices can now be imported from Mobileezy into MYOB Account right live


  • The receipt header and footer fields will now print to plain A4 paper

  • Incremental lookup on the item list is now supported

  • Wildcard search for cards and items is now supported

  • Runlist: Billing name will be displayed in the run list if the shipping name is blank

  • The profile setting 'Don't Alter Pricing When Consolidating Scans' is now set to 'Yes' by default

  • DOES: Increased length of the Description field in DOES to show full contents of the item description

  • DOES: Invoices can now be redirected from picking staff to delivery staff

  • Run List: Schedules created in DOES can now be deleted in the territory route manager, deleting the associated transaction

  • Run List: The customer priority will now display the customers' priority value

  • Stock: A system setting has been added to control the appearance of inactive items in the Stock Register report. Report.Filter.ItemList.DisplayOption -> ActiveItems

  • Stock: Note information will now be shown on the Stock Transaction detail report

Bug Fixes

  • Edit fields have been adjusted to support taller soft keyboard in Windows Mobile 6.5

  • Run List: The visited checkbox will remain ticked after a transaction is viewed or edited, even after syncing

  • MYOB Account Right Live: The method for calculating tax rounding has been altered allowing to enable import of transactions

  • MYOB Account Right Live: Fixed import of item prices and volume discounts

  • Reckon Accounts Datalink: Fixed tax code import for Reckon Accounts datalink, allowing tax codes and items to have different names. Limitations are:

    • Tax code: max 3 characters

    • Tax item: max 50 characters

  • The Item Summary [User Name] report will now show only active users

  • DOES: An additional stock transaction will not be created when a transaction is printed from the new sale screen when using container returns

  • DOES:  Fixed creation of stock adjustments from DOES (container returns). Now only one stock adjustment is created and there are no more gaps in invoice numbering

  • Run List: The Missed Visit report will now display visits created in DOES that are not marked as done

  • Run List: All customers will now be displayed on the Runlist by Priority report

  • Run List: Editing an existing visit using DOES will no longer create a new visit

  • Run List: Visits changed from WIP to Archived in DOES will now stay changed and not create a new visit

  • Run List: Schedules will be updated to the new territory if their cards have been reassigned to another territory

  • Run List: Customers will now be listed on the Territory Routing tab in the priority defined in the Customer Priority Manager