As we enter into the new year, our first release for the year is a fairly small one. We've tidied up a few bugs that you reported to us late last year, implemented a couple of improvements that have been on the list for some time, and introduced three new system settings to allow for combinations of behaviour that you requested.

The V1502 desktop software update is now available for download to all customers on a current support plan. 

Mobileezy V7 customers, please contact for updates to the desktop and handheld app.

Mobileezy8 customers, click the link from the Home screen to update the desktop. Updates to the handheld will be automatically applied where installation has been completed through the PlayStore and automatic updates are turned on.

New Features

  • When the Help icon is selected from within the Mobileezy Desktop Administrator it will now point to user guide topics related to the area of the software you are currently using.



  • Barcode Scanning using the back-facing camera on Android is now more user friendly
  • Activation code can now be re-entered on the handheld when connecting handheld devices
  • Handheld will now roll back to previous data if a problem is encountered during synchronisation and alert user
  • Customer secondary address (Billing or Shipping) is now displayed on the info tab of the customer card  (Mobileezy V7 users only)










  • Run List: The system setting Show Ship To Address In Routing will now affect all visits not just DOES
  • Run List: A new system setting Warn When adding Items to Visit will prevent handheld users from adding line items to visit transactions when set to True
  • Run List: A new system setting Todo.AllowMultipleTranTodos will enable multiple run list entries for a customer on a single day when set to True

Bug Fixes


  • Container Returns: Fixed crash when looking up item or job on the container returns screen.
  • Added Zebra 3inch option under handheld preferences > Report printer to resolve print issue when printing reconciliation summary report to MZ320 printer.


  • Improved behaviour of report filters in invoice detail and invoice replication reports
  • Improvements made to the Sales Detail report layout so that the PAID column displays the correct total
  • Fixed issue introduced in 1411 where update of time-based special pricing events for customer groups failed
  • DOES: Fixed the initial display of shipping address in DOES, using the address from the current transaction if it is set, not from the ShipTo card
  • Picking:  sorting the Transaction ID column by pressing the sort button will no longer cause an error
  • ARL Datalink: Import of volume discounts is not handled correctly in Mobileezy
  • Stock: Fixed issues with stock quantities when stocktake and stock adjustment are updated from the handheld and desktop at the same time
  • Stock: Change of stock location on transactions in DOES will now update stock levels correctly and display on Stock Register by Location report
  • Item Properties: Fixed issue where line splits were being duplicated on transactions modified on the handheld
  • Intelligent Scheduler: Fixed a database concurrency error