The Anigo development and technical support teams have been working hard over the past month to resolve issues identified by you (and us) in response to the War on Bugs. We have spent the last month focused on finding and fixing bugs for the Mobileezy v7 1308 release, which is available now!
As well as bug fixes, this release contains a number of software enhancements. The most notable of these are:
  • Standard invoice template now has heading for Bill To and Ship To addresses
  • Individual cards can now be created from the handheld and DOES
  • New setting for default visit date in DOES (Run List Module required)
  • Added partial stocktake mode to Stock Module
  • Search by Item code added to Advanced Barcoding Module
If you have an active support plan and you would like to book in your free upgrade to Mobileezy v7 1308, contact us on +61 (0)3 9548 9114 or email