The MYOB Add-On Community and Partner Connect

Over the last two years, MYOB has placed significant emphasis on the development of the API for the MYOB AccountRight suite of products. In conjunction with this, MYOB has been working hard to enhance and strengthen the MYOB Add-On Community, of which Mobileezy is part. This community is comprised of a group of  software companies that work together to provide a range of products that cover different aspects of a business’s needs. Rather than MYOB or any software product trying to cover all aspects of a business’s software requirements, businesses - via the add-on community - are able to pick and choose and combine products together to produce a system that meets their individual needs.

By using this add-on mechanism, a company is able to use MYOB as the backbone of the system, where the GL and accounting information is stored, and select additional add-on software to solve other business issues. For example, Mobileezy can provide both a mobile invoicing and ordering system with stock components and recurring run lists, whereas a solution such as Castaway Forecasting can provide detailed reporting for forecasting future business needs such as cash flow.

During the year, MYOB has been running a series of PartnerConnect conferences across the country and in New Zealand to showcase both their product and the products of the Add-On Community. Anigo Systems proudly showcased Mobileezy's range of capabilities in New Zealand and the Gold Coast during the month of August. 

To get a better understanding of how the MYOB Add-On Community works, check out Anigo’s General Manager, Alison Bennett, on stage at the PartnerConnect event in New Zealand -

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