MYOB has made major steps to move accounting into the cloud.  MYOB Account Right has been cloud ready for some time but recent improvements in performance speed have seen more customers move away from MYOB v19 desktop products.   By storing the accounting data file in the cloud, MYOB Account Right provides both added convenience and enhanced security.  Convenience through enabling multiple users to access the file from disparate locations and security through knowing that the accounting data is automatically backed up. 

In gaining these benefits, our customers want to know how the conversion will affect their Mobileezy installation.  Will everything still work?  Is there anything special to know?  What is the conversion process?

Will everything still work?

 The good news is that Mobileezy plays beautifully with MYOB Account Right cloud.  We've been working with MYOB over the last few years to ensure that all the features you've grown to know and love in the interaction between the two systems are still there .  The data link connection is simple and fast - bringing all your customers, items and prices into Mobileezy and exporting your invoices effortlessly.  A couple of minor items are still in the works (activity slips and shipping methods) but MYOB will build them in in time and when they do we'll follow.  By maintaining a support agreement you will be entitled to them when the come.  

Anything special to know?

 One of the great things about this system is that you can choose whether to connect directly to the file hosted in the cloud or whether  you prefer to connect on the desktop whilst the file is 'checked out'.  This gives you flexibility in your connection choice.  You also need to know that moving to MYOB Account Right cloud requires a new Mobileezy database due to internal referencing differences between the different MYOB databases.  For most people this just means some planning ahead and a little time set aside to replicate any setup.  The benefit is that it gives you a chance to 'tidy things up'!

What is the conversion process?

 Converting is simple!  Your accountant, book keeper, IT consultant or MYOB will deal with the MYOB end and we'll help you through the Mobileezy end.  For most customers this means letting us know a few days in advance to schedule the  conversion and talk through any details.  We will install a new version of Mobileezy, connect to MYOB Account Right and reconfigure any handheld connections.  If you need help with the setup we can do that too. 

Does it cost?

There is an hourly technical service fee of $150 ex GST for the setup work - for most customers it takes from 1 - 2 hours. As long as you have a Mobileezy support plan there is no more to pay.

Anything else?

A move to MYOB Account Right cloud may be an opportunity to move to Mobileezy8.   This is a great subscription product with a native Android handheld app, new desktop homescreen, SQL lite database and synchronisation by proxy server. 

So, what does this mean for you?  You can use Mobileezy on any Android smartphone or tablet, it functions more like other apps with additional features such as emailing from the handheld, integration with google maps and its had a facelift.  The desktop homescreen provides you a system overview at a glance as well as quicklinks to software updates, the synch service, Desktop order entry system and the datalink and transaction export.  Finally the SQL lite database and proxy synch are techy words that mean a bigger more robust database and less problems with synching.  Read all about it (or just look at the screenshots) here.

If you have any questions, call us on 03 95489114 today to talk about your options!