Before you upgrade: MYOB v19.13 Payroll Update

If you are using MYOB Classic and planning to implement the payroll upgrade you need to read this notice.

The new MYOB update is incompatible with current versions of Mobileezy desktop. This means if you upgrade MYOB without upgrading Mobileezy and following the steps below, you will get the following error:

To ensure a seamless transition, use the following instructions to complete the MYOB and Mobileezy upgrades together.

  1. Locate and backup your Mobileezy database. Instructions are found at:

If you have custom reports, you will also need to backup the reports folder found at:

  • Mobileezy v7
    • C:\Program Files (x86)\mobileezy v7\Reports and
    • C:\ProgramData\ mobileezy v7\Reports
  • Mobileezy8
    •  C:\Program Files (x86)\Mobileezy8\Reports and
    • C:\ProgramData\Anigo\Mobileezy8\Reports `
  1. Backup your MYOB database and run the MYOB upgrade
  2. Open Windows File explorer and locate the EnterpriseClassic or PremierClassic MYOB folder. Inside this folder, locate the file Myobp.exe.manifest and rename it to Myobp.exe.manifest.ORG.
  3. Locate the MYOB updater for your Mobileezy version.
  • Mobileezy v7 - Mobileezy v7 Updater on your desktop
  • Mobileezy8 - Update button or update link from the homescreen of Mobileezy desktop.
  1. In the Mobileezy Desktop Administrator, go to Setup > Datalink setup > Change > Next > select "Update the current connection datafile" and browse to the location of your MYOB file.
  •  This will probably be located in the EnterpriseClassic or PremierClassic folder


  1. Enter the administrator username and password and then press the Next button.
  2. Once updated, run the datalink and check the results. Note that the MYOB datafile size may reduce substantially following the update - we recommend checking the file prior to progressing further.


If you have access to Premium Assist support, we will help you through this process. Download and run the remote support tool and email with your Teamviewer ID.