The 'Paperless Office' was a marketing slogan of the 1970s. The idea was that 'Office Automation' (another slogan) would soon make paper redundant for routine tasks such as record-keeping and accounting, but it's pretty obvious now that the technology myth lagged way behind the hardware reality and it was just too soon.      

The 'Paperless Office' had another good run with the personal computer revolution of the 1980s, if for no other reason than how bad (and noisy) the printers were back then. The advent of the laser printer fixed that problem, with its ability to generate vast quantities of elegant paper documents and fill filing cabinets or letter boxes with them. Suddenly we had more paper, not less and the ‘Paperless Office’ remained a myth.

The real problem then was that documents and accounts sent between businesses and their customers and suppliers invariably went on paper and through the mail. The records might be electronic inside the business, but once a document is on paper it's just too hard to convert it back into an electronic form. Now, all that is changing.

The big difference now is with the reliance on the internet and email, and the inevitable push to 'go digital'. Business and government at all levels are demanding that business information be sent and received electronically, and this is a tide that is now absolutely unstoppable. The business world is going digital and we all have to go with it, whether we want to or not.

Most offices now have a computer on every desk and keep most of their business records electronically, including information about employees, customers, inventory, sales, suppliers, taxes and so on. An order taken through the website, by email or over the phone can be entered into the computer without ever touching paper. Are we paperless yet?

One part that has been missing was the ability to extend the paperless reach outside the office. The sales rep or the delivery driver was still taking orders on paper and making deliveries with paperwork, and someone had to enter that information into the computer some time later.

Enter Mobileezy: by capturing sales and order information out in the field at the earliest possible point, a business can avoid ever passing its information through bits of paper and can avoid that needless duplication of effort.

So the answer is yes, the 'Paperless Office' can now be a reality, and Mobileezy is an important part of making it so.