Great news! We have created print plugins for Mobileezy8, and it's now possible for us to format the print-out by adding bold and italics and altering the font size of your print. All in all, a more professional look for even the smallest of companies!

A print plugin is a specialised print out from the Mobileezy handheld software.  Print plugins are customised to your particular needs and can include such improvements as a company logo, header or footer text, the inclusion or removal or pricing or even a completely customised print layout. 

A print plugin can dramatically alter the appearance of the print out given to your customer from the field.  Plugins can be customised for both 3inch and 4inch printers in the Zebra range.

Print plugins have been a standard in the Mobileezy v7 product for years and many of our customers have a customised print out to suit their needs.  

Until recently, the capability of producing a plugin for Mobileezy8 was not available and customers using Sole Trader, Small Business or Small Business with Stock had no capacity to have the handheld print out customised. This feature has now been released and is an improvement on the Mobileezy v7 plugin. 

If you are using Mobileezy8 and are interested in customising the printout for your docket printer, then please get in touch with us today.