An essential component of doing business is the ability to invoice your customers as easily and quickly as possible. Mobileezy as a mobile invoicing system is designed to help you do all this while on site with your customer, eliminating the need for office data entry.

Getting an invoice to a customer is of primary importance as a copy must be provided for their records. One of the options that we're often asked about is providing a printed copy from site. There are a few printers that are tried and tested and with which Mobileezy works effectively. They are:


Useful for



The MZ220 is a portable thermal printer with a 2-inch docket. It's useful for applications where your customer does not need a large invoice printout and a lightweight portable printer is required.


The MZ320 is a portable thermal printer with a 3-inch docket. It's useful in Mobileezy applications where a large invoice printout is not required but a 2-inch docket is too small. This unit is one of the most popular with Mobileezy customers.


The RW420 is a rugged portable thermal printer with a 4-inch docket. It's useful for Mobileezy applications where the environment is tough, dusty or there is the chance of the unit getting wet or being dropped. The unit has a IP54 drop rating and is highly recommended for rugged environments.


The HP150 is a portable A4 printer enabling sales reps to provide customers with a professional A4 printout from the road. Durability of this printer is limited and recommendation is restricted to environments where it will be protected from dust, water and drops. 

Google Cloud Print

A recent addition to the Mobileezy software is the ability to print from an Android handheld to a Google Cloud printer. This functionality is available with any printer that connects to Google Cloud print and enables the sales rep to print to a connected printer anywhere. 























Optional 12V chargers are available for all printers to enable in-car charging.