Product Review: Advanced Barcoding and Units of Measure Module

Next in the optional module product review series is Advanced Barcoding and Units of Measure. Available as an add on to any Mobileezy Enterprise system, this module will increase the speed and efficiency of your transactions by enabling rapid barcode scanning and enhancing your ability to price items sold in random weights . Useful for anyone selling items in both single or multi-packs with differing barcodes or for those selling items sold per unit but priced by weight.

This module is a must for improving the ordering and sales process. It can be used in conjunction with the picking or item properties systems to further enhance product distribution and tracking .

Advanced Barcoding and Units of Measure introduces two primary functions to your Mobileezy system:

Advanced barcoding:

  • Record multiple barcodes per product including quantity (supports inners and outers)
  • Directly enter or import product barcodes into the Mobileezy desktop
  • Use barcoding with Xero 2.

Random weights

  • Record the unit quantity and weight for random weight items separately on orders
  • Mobileezy will automatically calculate the price based on unit weight
  • Additional reporting on units sold per unit, by weight and price

Priced on a per user basis, the cost is:

  •  Outright purchase: $495
  • Subscription: $16.50 / month


Advanced Barcoding and UoM is available with Mobileezy Enterprise. For those on Sole Trader or Small Business it is easy to upgrade. To find out more, read a detailed description on our website,  check out help instructions in the user guide or call us on 03 9548 9114.