This month’s product review is on the Mobileezy Desktop Order Entry system. Also known as DOES, this system is an extension to Mobileezy that is installed on a PC alongside your Mobileezy Desktop Administrator.

DOES provides you with an extra desktop window from which you can enter phone or email orders, key stock-takes or stock movements, or simply edit sales made in the field before exporting to the accounting system. These functions can enhance the way you use Mobileezy and solve some simple business problems.

By enabling certain functions to be performed on the PC, DOES can benefit the way you use Mobileezy. For instance, DOES allows you to:

  • easily enter orders directly into Mobileezy
  • manage your sales templates and create global templates
  • 'fix' sales that have been synchronised from the field before importing to the accounting system
  • key in stocktakes or stock adjustments
  • create orders for the handheld run list.

DOES can be installed on multiple computers at the same time, which means that more than one person can have access to the system simultaneously. Its features include the ability to:

  • create new sales or orders from the PC
  • create new customers or edit customer details
  • easily look up customer special pricing lists
  • create and edit sales templates
  • edit handheld sales
  • print sales transactions.

It's simple to use, and enables rapid order entry that is much faster than any of the accounting systems. DOES is available as an add-on licence to existing v7 installations or is provided as standard with Mobileezy Sole Trader, Mobileezy Small Business and Mobileezy Small Business with Stock.