The Zebra RW420 is one of the more popular portable printers that we supply to customers. We were thrilled to see that Zebra now sells a robust vehicle mount for the device, which gives it even more portability.

This device is perfect for field workers who need to ensure that the printer is always charged and securely fitted to the vehicle. The vehicle cradle, which provides heavy duty shock and vibration protection, charges the RW420 when secured in its cradle through a built-in charger connected to the vehicle cigarette lighter adapter.  Its handy push-button release ensures the printer is easily accessible and ready to use.

Zebra printer mount kits give you the flexibility to securely attach a printer on a wall, or on any vehicle, such as forklifts, trucks and fleet automobiles.

If you are looking for a secure way to mount your Zebra RW420, then look no further than the Zebra RW420 Vehicle Mount.


This unit is perfect for Mobileezy users who have any of the following needs:

  • Printing to a RW420 portable printer
  • Semi-rugged fieldwork
  • In-field device charging
  • Secure in vehicle storage of RW420 printer

Price:  $365

Note: Price is exclusive of GST and shipping.  Prices are subject to change without notice.