The Mobileezy Account Right Live integration is almost done. We're still waiting on MYOB to make a couple of minor changes that will allow us to import tax codes and item price levels. When these amendments are made, we'll be looking for volunteers to join in Beta testing.

Currently, we support all relevant features from MYOB AccountRight Live API except bills/bill payments. However, MYOB API itself still does not support tax codes for items and price levels. Therefore, this current version of MYOB can only be used with Mobileezy if all items have the same tax codes (e.g. GST) and if MYOB price levels are not used at all.

We are waiting for the MYOB development team to release the fixed and final version of their MYOP API so that we can use it to fully integrate Mobileezy with MYOB AccountRight Live.

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If you are interested in being a Beta tester for the Mobileezy Account Right Live integration, register your interest here.