Spring is just about here. The days are getting longer, soon the weather will be getting warmer and our thoughts turn to birds and bees, pruning the roses and getting our businesses ready for the springtime rush. Our software systems need their spring cleaning too!


By now you will have finished up the end of financial year, sorted out the tax and rolled over to the new year. Your accounting systems are in good shape, but what about Mobileezy? We thought a checklist of areas to review and reorganise might be of some help.


First stop is pricing. Every business sees its costs increase during the year. The staff get a few percent pay rise; suppliers add a little to their prices; government taxes and utility bills go up just a bit; the rent is reviewed (and increased). It’s very important to pass on those costs as price rises to your customers and maintain your margins. If you miss a small price rise now, you will need a large price rise later to catch up, and then your customers are much more likely to start looking elsewhere. So review those prices and make sure any rises are in Mobileezy before the orders start coming in.


Next is stock. You can only sell what you have in your items list, and it’s pointless to have items that don’t sell. Do your end of year stocktake for accounting purposes, but make sure you update Mobileezy too. Make sure the codes, descriptions, prices and quantity on hand are correct; that any new items have been added; and remove old ones that you no longer sell. You should be able to take on new staff and rely on that information to make sales.


Then there are run lists. New customers and changing schedules often accumulate during the year, and it’s too easy for the salesman or driver just to keep a mental note and forget to update the computer. What if you have to take on new staff and the information they need is just not there? So make sure all the run lists are entered into Mobileezy and are correct and up to date, in the correct visit order and with the right territories.


While you’re about it, check the equipment and software versions. Make sure all the handheld devices and printers are working properly; that software is updated to the latest versions; that devices hold a charge and synchronise properly in the field.


For tips on how to update and correct these areas read our next article "How do I do it?"


And best of luck with that springtime rush. Mobileezy is here to help, so give us a call if there anything you need.