Mobileezy8 is finally here. It’s the same Mobileezy you have come to know - but better. With new icons, a useful and functional home screen and a native Android mobile app, Mobileezy is now better than ever and has a sleek and easy-to-use user interface. Mobileezy8 uses Android native controls, links to Google maps and supports barcode scanning using an integrated back-facing camera. 

Mobileezy8 has come a long way since its humble Palm Origins! 

A fresh new look

Upon opening either the Mobileezy8 desktop or handheld application, you will immediately see that Mobileezy has been given a modern facelift. When the handheld is opened, you will see the changes - big blue buttons and modern icons for the areas of login, sales, purchases, time billing, stock and cards.

A new desktop home screen

Mobileezy8 opens to a new home screen that displays system summary information and contains shortcut buttons to commonly used functions. 

When opening the software you are now able to see the system status at a glance:

  • Version Status: the availability of software updates is displayed.
  • Export Status: the number of transactions awaiting export is shown.
  • Sync Server Status: the status of the sync server running (or not) is displayed including a link for starting or stopping it at the click of a button.
  • Handheld Status: the time and date of the last sync, software version number, user profile and default location for each of the handheld users is displayed.
  • Data status: the quantity of invoices and orders raised today with their total value is shown.  The number of modified or new cards is displayed, as is the location of your Mobileezy database, total number of cards and SKU's currently in your system.
  • DOES Shortcut: a short cut button allows you to launch DOES directly.
  • Update Shortcut: a short-cut button lets you update the Mobileezy version directly.
  • SyncMonitor Shortcut: a short-cut button allows you to launch the sync monitor directly.
  • Export Button: transaction export can be initiated.
  • Datalink Button: the accounting system datalink can be initiated.

A native Android App with new features

The handheld app now runs native on Android devices. This means that it comes complete with Android native controls, including natural scroll-through lists, automatic keyboard popup in text and numerical fields, selection of dates from the calendar, back button functionality and the use of the Android control menu. The screens are clear and easy to use:

Main Screen: big blue buttons are centrally located for

main user functions, new icons for each of the tabs are displayed at the bottom.






Sales Item Screen: items on the sale are clearly listed and quantities can be

changed directly from the screen.






Customer List: easily scroll through the customer list with natural android

scrolling, search for a customer using the search, and add a customer directly.






Invoice screen: the main invoice screen is laid out with dark blue areas editable,

drop down lists in white and changeable data in blue.






Integration with Google Maps                                         

The Mobileezy8 mobile app is integrated with Google maps, thereby allowing you to use Google to give you directions to any of the customers stored in your Mobileezy application. 






Barcode scanning with the back-facing camera

The mobile app can be used on Android devices with a back-facing camera to scan barcodes on your products directly to a sale. This eliminates the need for expensive devices with integrated barcode scanners, enabling you to use an Android tablet or smartphone to fulfil your barcode scanning requirements.














Where to from here? 

Mobileezy8 is now available for download on a 30-day trial. Choose from one of the three product versions on our website and download the handheld app directly from Google play.