End of year means stocktake for many distribution businesses - stock on the shelves must be counted so that accurate information regarding stock levels and valuations are in the accounting system for end-of-year reporting.  
Many businesses use processes that make stocktake a longer and more painful process than it needs to be. Paper count sheets, spreadsheets and data entry can extend the time taken on stocktake and increase the number of mistakes - which can be costly in terms of time and money.
Automating this process can vastly improve stocktakes by removing manual steps such as paper count sheets, spreadsheets and data entry enabling you to reduce the time taken on this task, decrease the number of errors and obtain reports on stock levels and stock losses quickly.
Here are five ways that Mobileezy stocktake can improve your EOFY:

No more double handling

Entering data directly into the system during the count removes the need for count sheets and later data entry, reducing double handling of data.

Get count results immediately

With counts entered directly, results are available the moment the stocktake is complete reducing any time waiting for count sheets to be returned and then entered into a system or spreadsheet.

Speed up with barcode scanning

Using scanning technology to quickly add items to the stocktake improves both speed and accuracy. The correct item is always selected and scanning reduces the need to locate the item in the item list.

Export stocktakes to MYOB

Export your completed stocktake directly to MYOB, updating your counts and stock value quickly and effortlessly. Data collected during the count can be in MYOB with no additional effort.

Report on stock losses

Verification and stock loss reports enable you to see at a glance if you have lost stock and which business locations it is missing from. Quickly and easily know your stock-loss position.

Using automation software for your stocktake can simplify and speed up your EOFY. To find out more, have a look at the stock module or Mobileezy Small Business with Stock or get in touch with Anigo Systems today.