1610 version is now available for update. This version brings with it some small enhancements and bug fixes as reported by you.

Remember if there is something you want built into the software that will enhance the product - let us know - we will put it on the list!

  • MYOB Datalink: Datalink and export will now work with MYOB Classic 2016 payroll tax table update.
  • Desktop: The Item Summary [User Name] report will now display total item quantities instead of prices
  • Run Lists: Basic routing will now allow adding routes for the same customer on different handhelds
  • Handheld: Barcode scanning will now use the intent system on Android devices (increasing the range of devices supported)
  • Handheld: The OK button is now visible on the invoice screen in Mobileezy8
Bug Fixes:
  • Advanced Barcoding and UOM: Advanced UOM now supports multiple item barcodes. Mobileezy will link barcode with corresponding unit.
  • Reckon Accounts Datalink: Erroneous warning message when importing newly created customer cards of type 'individual' into Reckon Accounts will no longer occur.
  • Reckon Accounts Datalink: Transactions with unknown payment type will now go to unreconciled errors on export.
  • Xero Datalink: Invoice due date will now appear correctly after export
  • Xero Datalink: Items marked inactive in Xero will no longer appear in Mobileezy
  • Desktop: DOES screen will now scale correctly when larger font size selected in Windows Licencing: Subscription licences will now automatically update without 'Licence expired' message
To update your software:

Mobileezy v7 customers:

  • Desktop: click on the 'Mobileezy v7 Updater' icon on your desktop
  • Handheld: visit install.mobileezy.com/7 from your handheld device, select the appropriate operating system and select the download button

Mobileezy8 customers:

  • Desktop: click on the 'A new version is available' link in the homescreen of your desktop software
  • Handheld: updates should be automatically applied if auto updates are turned on. If not, go to GooglePlay, locate Mobileezy and select the 'update' button.

Alternatively contact support@anigo.com.au for assistance.