Mobileezy version 1504 packs a punch this month! We've focused on fixing a few recently reported bugs, but also on adding some handheld specific enhancements that you have requested. One of the most frequently queried features - emailing sales directly from the handheld - is finally here and is available to all customers with a current support plan.





New Features

  • Handheld: Email invoices/orders/quotes directly from the handheld to your customers 









  • Routing: Add a note to runlist orders for your drivers to see
  • Stock: Option on handheld to set display of stock to customer on hand values








  • Handheld: Improved A4 invoice printout - print great looking invoices to the HP150 A4 printer
  • Desktop: Invoice replication report altered to be NZ-tax compliant
  • Xero Datalink: New system setting added to enable control of which contacts are sent to Mobileezy. It is now possible to restrict contacts to just customers and suppliers
  • Routing: Notes can now be added to routes for display on the handheld
  • EDI: The EDI system now supports SFTP protocol
  • POS: Added print button for account customers on the POS screen

Bug Fixes

  • Handheld: Daily report printout now has correct line breaks

  • Handheld: Stock adjustments will no longer appear on the Daily Reconciliation Summary report

  • Handheld: Payment will now update correctly and memo will not be erased when payment type is changed

  • Handheld: Application will now handle special characters without crashing

  • Handheld: Correct shipping and billing address is now showing when head office accounts is in use

  • Stock: Stock history will no longer disappear when filtering for sales history or after sales history is viewed

  • POS: Invoice numbering will now increment by only one number for cash and account customers. The item information screen will not turn red when the tender screen does

  • Routing: Routes created using the territory event editor will now show correctly on handheld when territory groups are turned on

Mobileezy8 customers can upgrade by simply updating the software via Google Playstore on your handheld. Mobileezy v7 customers, please contact for assistance.