In this release we have focused on some improvements to functionality on the handheld as well as alterations to both the Xero and MYOB datalinks. 

As requested by you - two changes we are pleased to introduce include the ability to view sales history regardless of which handheld the sale was raised on and the ability to search for specific invoices from the customer sales history. These two improvements are a valuable functionality gain. All alterations are listed below and are available to customers using Mobileezy8 or Mobileezy v7 customers who have a current support plan.

New Features

  • Handheld: Payments on past invoices are now available in Mobileezy8 for Xero and MYOB ARL datalinks
  • Handheld: Bluetooth thermal probe is now supported in Mobileezy v7
  • Handheld: Barcode scanning is now supported for CipherLab devices


  • Handheld: Archived sales for all customers can now be found under the history tab of the customer card
  • Handheld: Thermal readings from the temperature probe will now be added to the invoice notes instead of line item notes
  • Handheld:  Additional details have been added to the handheld email template
  • Handheld: First item will be automatically highlighted on an incremental search
  • Handheld: Search functionality allowing search for specific orders or invoices in customer sales history is now available
  • MYOB Datalink: Orders can now be exported to MYOB Account Right Live
  • Desktop: Changes to the currency symbol will now be visible in the desktop and DOES
  • Datalink: Additional information is displayed on screen if customer cards fail to export correctly
  • Datalink: Scheduling feature will now tick transactions for export before running the schedule

Bug Fixes

  • Handheld:  Connection codes can now be re-entered on the handheld
  • Handheld: The "Unable to print" error when switching between different bluetooth printers is fixed
  • Handheld: Auto stock adjustment when creating a template from the handheld using container tracking has been disabled
  • Xero Datalink: Fixed issue with paging on the datalink
  • Xero Datalink: Tax will now be calculated using the same procedure as Xero

To update your software

Mobileezy v7 customers

  • Desktop: Click on the 'Mobileezy v7 Updater' icon on your desktop
  • Handheld: Visit from your handheld device, select the appropriate operating system and select the download button

Mobileezy8 customers

  • Desktop: Click on the 'A new version is available' link in the home screen of your desktop software
  • Handheld: Updates should be automatically applied if auto updates are turned on. If not, go to GooglePlay, locate Mobileezy and select the 'update' button.

Alternatively contact for assistance.